Babar Azam Scolds Fans in England, Watch the Video!


Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, recently made headlines for scolding fans during his tour in Cardiff, England. A video circulating on social media shows Babar visibly upset and addressing the crowd sternly. This isn’t the first time Babar has shown his temper towards fans. Earlier this year, during a Pakistan Super League (PSL) match, he was seen angrily responding to fans while sitting in the dugout.

In the latest incident, Babar was clearly frustrated with the fans’ behavior. Although the exact details of what triggered his reaction are unclear, it’s evident from the video that he was not pleased with the crowd’s actions or comments.

Earlier in the year, Babar had a similar outburst during a PSL 2024 match. While sitting in the dugout, he was seen gesturing angrily towards the fans. This incident also drew attention and sparked discussions about the pressures faced by top athletes.

As the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, Babar Azam is under immense pressure both on and off the field. His reactions reflect the stress and expectations placed on him by fans and the media. While his passion for the game is unquestionable, these incidents highlight the challenges athletes face in dealing with public scrutiny.

Pakistan is currently on a tour of England for four T20Is. The first match was abandoned without a toss, and in the second T20I, England defeated Pakistan by 23 runs at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The next match, the third T20I, will be played at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, where a similar incident occurred.

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