BCCI Flooded with Over 3,000 Fake Applications for Cricket Coach Job including Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Sachin, Dhoni…

BCCI Flooded with Over 3,000 Fake Applications for Cricket Coach Job

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently faced an unusual situation. As the deadline for applications to coach the men’s cricket team expired on Monday, the BCCI found itself sorting through more than 3,000 applications. However, the sheer number wasn’t the only surprising element.

A significant number of these applications turned out to be fake, using names of well-known personalities. Imagine seeing applications from Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, and MS Dhoni! Yes, you read that right. These famous names, along with many others, appeared on applications submitted through Google Forms.

The BCCI’s use of Google Forms for the application process was a smart move to handle a large number of submissions easily. However, this also made it easier for people to submit fake applications, as the form was accessible to anyone with the link. The use of such high-profile names might have been an attempt at humor or simply a prank. Nevertheless, it created additional work for the BCCI, which now has to sift through the applications to find genuine candidates.

In 2022, when the BCCI asked for applications for the head coach job, they got about 5,000 fake applications using celebrity names. That time, candidates were told to email their applications, but this time they used Google Forms.

“Last year too, the BCCI received such a response where imposters applied and the story is similar this time. The reason the BCCI had to invite applications on Google Forms is that it’s easy to scrutinize the names of applicants in one sheet,” a BCCI official said.

In its advertisement, the board listed the qualities they wanted in a head coach for the team who will stay in charge until the 2027 50-over World Cup in South Africa.

Despite the pranks, selecting the right coach for the Indian cricket team is a serious matter. The BCCI needs to ensure that the next coach can lead the team to further success and continue the legacy of excellence. The process involves reviewing each application carefully, conducting interviews, and assessing the candidates’ experience and vision for the team.

Now that the application deadline has passed, the BCCI will focus on filtering out fake applications and identifying the most suitable candidates. This might take some time due to the volume of submissions, but the board is committed to finding the best possible coach for the team.

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