Rusty Theron Accuses Haris Rauf of Ball Tampering in PAK vs USA Match

Rusty Theron Accuses Haris Rauf of Ball Tampering in PAK vs USA Match

In a dramatic turn of events at the T20 World Cup 2024, Rusty Theron has leveled serious accusations against Pakistan’s fast bowler Haris Rauf, claiming that he was involved in ball-tampering during the high-stakes match between Pakistan and the USA in Texas.

On June 5, 2024, during a tense match at the Lone Star Cricket Ground in Texas, former South African cricketer and current USA team member Rusty Theron took to Twitter to voice his concerns. In a tweet directed at the International Cricket Council (ICC), Theron accused Rauf of tampering with the ball to gain an unfair advantage. He wrote:

“@ICC are we just going to pretend Pakistan isn’t scratching the hell out of this freshly changed ball? Reversing the ball that’s just been changed 2 overs ago? You can literally see Harris Rauf running his thumbnail over the ball at the top of his mark. @usacricket #PakvsUSA”

Theron’s tweet has sparked widespread debate and brought immediate attention to the incident. The allegation suggests that Rauf was using his thumbnail to alter the condition of the ball, which had been recently replaced. Ball tampering is a serious offense in cricket, often leading to penalties and suspensions for the players involved.

According to Theron, Rauf was seen scratching the ball with his thumbnail shortly after it had been replaced during the game. Ball tampering can significantly affect the ball’s behavior, especially in terms of reverse swing, which can make it challenging for batsmen to play.

The specific moment cited by Theron was captured when Rauf was preparing to bowl, allegedly running his thumbnail over the ball at the top of his bowling run-up. This action, if proven, could have given the Pakistani bowlers an unfair edge by making the ball swing unpredictably.

As of now, the ICC has not released an official statement regarding the incident. However, they are expected to review the footage and Theron’s claims to determine if any rules were violated.

Pakistan’s cricket authorities and Haris Rauf have not yet responded to the allegations. The team was engaged in a crucial match and any distraction could have implications for their performance and focus in the tournament.

USA Secured Historic Win against Pakistan

In a thrilling match between the USA and Pakistan, both teams faced off in the 11th game of the T20 World Cup 2024 at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas on Thursday, June 6.

Pakistan started their innings after losing the toss and being sent in to bat first. Their opening was slow, with Babar Azam scoring 44 runs off 43 balls. Mohammad Rizwan was out early, scoring just 9 runs. In the middle order, Shadab Khan contributed 40 runs, and Shaheen Shah Afridi remained not out with 23 runs, leading Pakistan to a total of 159 runs in their innings.

When it was the USA’s turn to chase the target, their captain Monank Patel led the way by scoring 50 runs off 38 balls. His effort was supported by Andries Gous, who added 35 runs, and Aaron Jones, who scored 36* runs. The game ended in a tie, taking the match into a Super Over.

In the Super Over, the USA batted first and set a target of 18 runs. Pakistan could only score 13 runs in their reply, giving the USA a historic victory.

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