How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India (2024)

How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

In the last few years, many people in India have started to like betting on cricket online. This is because there are lots of websites and apps for cricket betting available. But when people are picking a cricket betting website in India to bet on, they might not always know if it’s safe or how quickly they can get their winnings.

Betting on cricket is something people have done for a while, but doing it online became more popular recently, especially with more people having mobile phones and internet access.

A report by CNBC TV18 reveals that even though there are rules about betting and gambling in India, the market for these activities has grown a lot.

“In 2018, it’s estimated that the total betting market in India, both online and offline, was around USD 130 billion. This market has been growing at a rate of 7% every year from 2012 to 2018. Cricket betting is the most popular, and about USD 200 million is bet on each Indian cricket one-day international match. Globally, the sports betting market is doing well, reaching a value of USD 70.23 billion in 2021, and it’s expected to keep growing at a rate of 11.7% in the next ten years.”

This shows that some people consider betting as a way to make a living.

Our experts have looked at a bunch of the best cricket betting sites in India, and we made a list of the trustworthy ones. These sites give you your winnings fast, have cool bonuses, and you can use them on your phone or computer.

What is Online Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is an exciting thing that lots of people in India enjoy. Cricket is a big deal here, and many people love the game. Now, with online betting websites, fans can easily bet on cricket matches from their homes. This adds more fun to watching the games. Online cricket betting sites have many different options, giving fans a bunch of choices and chances to try different things.

7 Tips to Choose Cricket Betting Sites in India

In the past, people used to bet on cricket by talking to a person called a bookie. But now, things have changed with online betting in India. This means that people can use their online bank accounts to place bets.

When looking for good Indian online cricket betting sites, it’s important to check for special offers like welcome bonuses, free bets, and odds boosts. This article is here to guide you in choosing the best cricket betting website from the available options.

Here are some things to think about before picking a cricket betting site:

1. Security and Safety: Before placing any bets, check if the website is licensed and read online reviews. Make sure the site uses modern security features like SSL to keep your information safe.

2. Cricket Betting Odds: Before betting, it’s smart to look at the odds. Some players use multiple betting sites to compare the odds and choose the best ones. If you don’t like the odds on one site, you can always try another.

3. Mobile Apps for Cricket Betting: Since people don’t always use computers to bet, it’s important to find cricket betting sites with a good computer platform and a great mobile app. Many apps are easy to use, even on small screens, and work well even with a weaker internet connection.

4. Banking Methods: It’s important to know if the site is safe for payment transactions. A good betting site uses secure methods for payments, and using wallets for betting is another important thing to consider. The best part about using wallets is that the processing speed is very fast.

5. Live Betting Features: A good Indian betting website should let you bet on live cricket matches as they happen. It should also give you information about what’s going on in the game, important statistics, and commentary. Even pictures or videos of the match can be helpful.

6. Welcome Bonus Offered: Check if the bonus offered by the site is fair and better than what other top betting sites offer. Welcome bonuses can help you get started well in your first few weeks of betting. The two common bonuses are free bets and first deposit bonuses, but it’s not just about the bonus – also check the wagering requirements.

7. Terms and Conditions: Before you join and make an account with a betting website, it’s really important to read and understand their rules and guidelines. This will tell you things like the smallest amount you can deposit, the least and most you can bet at once, and how much money you need in your account to take out. It’s smart to pick a betting site with fair rules, even if it doesn’t have super exciting deals.

How to Start Online Cricket Betting in India?

Looking to kick off your online cricket betting journey in India? It’s simpler than you think! With numerous top cricket betting sites available, making the right choice might seem overwhelming. But fear not, follow these essential steps, do some research, and you’ll be on your way to enhancing your cricket betting skills and maximizing profits.

1. Understand the Basics: Before placing any bets, grasp the basics of cricket betting. Learn about the game’s rules, formats, and factors that influence it. Analyze team and player forms by checking statistics like top wicket-taker, best batsman, average, strike rate, and more.

2. Manage Risks: Recognize the risks involved in betting and set a budget you can afford. Leading Indian betting apps offer features to set money limits and monitor spending, ensuring a fun and responsible betting experience.

3. Choose the Right Betting Site: Select reliable Indian online cricket betting sites with competitive odds, loyalty programs, and a variety of payment options. Ensure the platform is secure, offers fast withdrawals and deposits, and provides excellent customer support. Above we have suggested one of the best cricket betting sites in India, so have a look and make yourself registered.

4. Start Betting: Register on the chosen platform, deposit funds, and start betting. Compare odds across different bookies to get the best value. Familiarize yourself with common bet types like match winner, top batsman, top bowler, and total runs.

5. Track Your Bets: Keep tabs on your bets to understand your performance and identify areas for improvement. Tracking helps you discover which betting markets are most profitable and which ones to avoid in the future.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a rewarding and exciting cricket betting experience in India!

Top 5 Best Cricket Betting Apps in India for 2024

#1. Parimatch


Best for Live Cricket Betting 

Parimatch is a top choice for online cricket betting, offering competitive odds and a range of bonuses. With a user-friendly mobile app, you can easily bet on your favorite teams and players. The minimum deposit is just INR 200, and live streaming and 24/7 customer support make the experience even better. Start your online cricket betting journey with Parimatch! For more details, you can read our Parimatch review.

#2. Jungliwin


Best for Bonuses and Promotions 

Jungliwin, known for its competitive odds and various bonuses, has carved its niche in the betting industry. Offering a user-friendly mobile app, Jungliwin allows easy betting on cricket with multiple payment options and a minimum deposit of just INR 200. The live streaming feature enhances the betting experience, while 24/7 customer support ensures the safety of your funds. Dive into the excitement of online cricket betting with Jungliwin! For more details, you can read our Jungliwin review.  

#3. MegaPari

Megapari-India Casino
Easy Deposit and Withdraw

MegaPari, a major platform for online cricket betting in India, accepts cryptocurrency for instant deposits and withdrawals. With a low minimum deposit of INR 300, MegaPari welcomes users into the thrilling world of online betting. Live Chat support, available 24/7, ensures efficient customer service. MegaPari’s mobile app enhances the betting experience with bonus programs, enabling users to bet on player props and adding an extra layer of excitement. Begin your online cricket betting journey with MegaPari! Check out MegaPari’s full review here. 

#4. 1xBet

Best and Competitive Odds

1xbet is the leading online cricket betting platform in India, offering a variety of markets, competitive odds, and enticing promotions. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to security, 1xbet is a preferred choice for Indian cricket lovers. Enjoy fast withdrawals, a VIP program, and a generous Welcome Bonus of 120% up to Rs. 33,000. Bet on cricket with 1xbet for an affordable and thrilling experience! Check out the full review of 1xBet here. 

#5. 22Bet 

Best Mobile App

22Bet stands out as a popular online cricket betting platform in India, providing diverse betting options, including Live Betting. With a user-friendly interface and various payment options, 22Bet ensures convenience for cricket enthusiasts. Offering competitive odds and a dedicated app, 22Bet covers matches comprehensively, making it an excellent option for cricket betting. Join 22Bet for its legacy, reliability, and enticing bonuses – a perfect start to online cricket betting!

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online cricket betting is legal in India. Betting sites operate online because having offline centers is not allowed. Reputable betting companies in India have international gambling licenses, ensuring they follow rules for fair play and security. The terms of use are transparent, providing customers with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. To be legit, betting sites must assess the legality based on the region, have an international license, follow security requirements, and not have offline offices in India.

Cricket Tournaments for Online Betting

Cricket Tournaments for Online Betting

Cricket is loved by many in India, and major tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL) provide an exciting platform for online betting enthusiasts. These tournaments, including T20, T20i, and T10, offer numerous betting opportunities for those who understand the game. 

IPL and Other T20 Leagues: The IPL, known for its competitiveness, has been a key player in the online cricket betting scene, attracting fans globally.  There are plenty of online IPL Satta apps that have made a mark for themselves in the market T20 and T20i formats, featuring fast-paced action, allow gamblers to place bets with every thrilling ball.  These T20 leagues include the Big Bash League(BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), SA20, BPL, ILT20, etc.

T10: T10 cricket, with its quick 10-over matches, is gaining attention in online betting, providing gamblers with exciting opportunities. 

ODI: ODI Cricket is a really pure and interesting type of cricket. In this format, each team gets to bat for a full 50 overs. Lots of people love watching One-Day Internationals because they are so entertaining and hold the attention of millions of fans worldwide.

Test: Test matches in cricket are the hardest. These matches go on for 5 days, giving a chance for people who bet to do so for five days straight. Playing a Test match is tough for players – it tests both their skill and character. Winning a Test match is seen as the biggest accomplishment in cricket.

First-Class: First-class cricket is like a stage for domestic cricketers aiming for a career. It’s a mix of skill, stamina, and excitement. Watching first-class matches is an unforgettable experience, and it keeps cricket fans engaged all around the globe. Whether it’s the star-studded IPL or the dynamic T20 formats, these cricket tournaments offer a chance for gamblers to showcase their knowledge and win big in the world of online cricket betting.

Final Thoughts

Cricket brings people together, especially in India, where fans eagerly watch their favorite players. This post discusses why online cricket betting is becoming more popular in India. It also shares details about cricket tournaments where you can invest your money through bets and have a chance to make some extra money.

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