India vs Pakistan Cricket: A Timeline of National Team Encounters

India vs Pakistan Cricket A Timeline of National Team Encounters

The rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket is one of the fiercest in the world of sports. Matches between these two teams are widely regarded as some of the biggest and most-watched sporting events globally.

India has clinched victory in 11 ICC tournaments, while Pakistan has won 5. At the senior level, India has secured 6 ICC trophies (including 2 Cricket World Cups, 2 T20 World Cups, and 2 Champions Trophies), whereas Pakistan has won 3 (including 1 Cricket World Cup, 1 T20 World Cup, and 1 Champions Trophy). In ICC World Cups, India has dominated Pakistan, winning 14 out of 15 matches, with Pakistan managing only one victory. The India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team match scorecard displayed a riveting contest of skill and strategy on the cricket field.

The rivalry stems from the tense diplomatic relations between the two nations, which originated during the Partition of British India in 1947, followed by the Indo-Pakistani Wars and the Kashmir conflict. Despite sharing a common cricketing heritage, these historical tensions have fueled a fierce sporting rivalry.

India and Pakistan first faced off in 1952 during Pakistan’s tour of India. Since then, they have played Test matches and later, limited overs series. However, political factors have often led to cancellations or postponements of planned tours. Cricketing ties were halted between 1962 and 1977 due to the wars in 1965 and 1971. Similarly, conflicts such as the 1999 Kargil War and the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks have also disrupted cricket matches between the two nations.

Due to large expatriate populations from both countries worldwide, neutral venues like the United Arab Emirates and Canada have hosted bilateral and multilateral One Day International (ODI) series involving India and Pakistan. Matches between the teams in ICC competitions draw enormous interest, with over 800,000 ticket applications made for their 2019 Cricket World Cup encounter. The television broadcast of this match attracted 273 million viewers.

Players from both teams face immense pressure to succeed and may face extreme reactions in defeat, sometimes leading to incidents of hooliganism among fans. However, India-Pakistan matches also serve as opportunities for cricket diplomacy, allowing heads of state to exchange visits and fans to travel between the two countries to watch matches, fostering hopes for improved relations.

India vs Pakistan Cricket Rivalry: A Detailed Timeline

1947 – Origins of the Rivalry

The rivalry between the India and Pakistan cricket teams is one of the most intense in the world. The roots of this rivalry trace back to the Partition of British India in 1947, which created two independent nations, India and Pakistan. This division was marked by violent conflicts between ethnic groups, resulting in about one million deaths and the mass migration of around ten million people. This painful history, along with ongoing territorial disputes, has fueled fierce competition in various sports, especially cricket, which both nations inherited and developed during British colonial rule.

1952 – Early Encounters

Pakistan became a member of the Imperial Cricket Conference (now the International Cricket Council or ICC) in 1948 and attained Full Member status in July 1952. Later that year, Pakistan toured India, playing their first Test matches. While India won the first Test in Delhi, Pakistan won the second Test in Lucknow, causing an angry reaction from Indian fans. India ultimately won the series by securing victory in the third Test in Bombay. However, the intense pressure led both teams to adopt defensive strategies, resulting in several drawn matches.

Interrupted Relations

Political tensions and wars between the two nations often interrupted cricketing ties. No matches were played between India and Pakistan from 1962 to 1977 due to the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1965 and 1971. The Kargil War in 1999 and the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks also caused disruptions. When cricket resumed in 1978, thousands of Indian fans were granted visas to watch the matches in Pakistan, signaling a brief period of improved relations.

Neutral Venues and Major Tournaments

In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, India and Pakistan often played at neutral venues like Sharjah in the UAE and Toronto in Canada, attracting large audiences of expatriates. The rise of multinational tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, the Austral-Asia Cup, and the Asia Cup led to more frequent, but shorter, contests between the two sides.

Cricket Diplomacy

Cricket has occasionally served as a diplomatic tool to improve relations between India and Pakistan. For instance, Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq’s visit to India during a Test match in Jaipur in the 1980s was a notable example of cricket diplomacy. Such initiatives have allowed heads of state to exchange visits and cricket fans to travel across borders, fostering hopes for better bilateral relations.

India vs Pakistan – Key Matches and Series

Over the years, several key matches have highlighted the rivalry:

  • 1999 Test Series: Following Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s historic visit to Pakistan, the Pakistani team toured India for a series of Test matches and ODIs. However, the Kargil War later that year caused tensions to resurface, suspending cricket ties once again.
  • 2003 Peace Initiative: Vajpayee’s peace initiative led to India touring Pakistan after nearly 15 years, with subsequent exchange tours in 2005 and 2006. However, the 2008 Mumbai attacks led to the suspension of India’s planned tour of Pakistan in 2009 and halted all future engagements in Pakistan.
  • 2011 World Cup Semi-Final: India and Pakistan qualified for the semi-finals of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, with the Indian government inviting Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to watch the match alongside Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This event was a significant moment of cricket diplomacy.

Recent Developments

  • 2012 Series: Bilateral ties resumed when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) invited the Pakistan national team to tour India for three ODIs and two T20Is in December 2012. But due to some reasons, it could not be possible.
  • Asia Cup 2023: In October 2021, during the T20 World Cup, India and Pakistan played their 200th international match. Pakistan won by ten wickets, marking their first victory against India in World Cup tournaments. In October 2022, the BCCI announced that India would not travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup due to security concerns. This led to the tournament being held at a neutral venue. Despite initial threats to boycott the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India, Pakistan eventually participated.

Significant Records

  • Anil Kumble’s Feat: In 1999, Indian bowler Anil Kumble became the second bowler in cricket history to take ten wickets in an innings during a match against Pakistan.
  • High-Scoring Matches: India set their highest-ever score against Pakistan in the 2023 Asia Cup, scoring 356 for the loss of only 2 wickets. They defeated Pakistan with a record margin of 228 runs, bundling Pakistan out for 128.

India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team Stats

ICC Matches Between India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan have faced each other in several ICC tournaments, with India holding the upper hand in most encounters.

ODI ICC World Cup

India has an unbeaten record against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup. Since their first World Cup match in 1992, India has won all 8 games against Pakistan. Notably, in the 2011 World Cup, India defeated Pakistan in the semi-finals and went on to win the tournament. In their latest World Cup clash in 2023, held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India outperformed Pakistan by 7 wickets, making the score 8-0 in favor of India in the ODI World Cups.

ICC T20 World Cup

India also has a better record in T20 World Cups. India won the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007 by defeating Pakistan in the final. Pakistan achieved its first T20 World Cup win against India in the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

In a recent T20 World Cup 2024 encounter, India defeated Pakistan by six runs in a closely contested Group A match at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium. Jasprit Bumrah played a crucial role in India’s victory by taking three key wickets with an economy rate of 3.50.

ICC Champions Trophy

In the ICC Champions Trophy, Pakistan has had more success against India. Pakistan has won three out of five meetings, including the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Final. In that final, Pakistan defeated India after losing to them in the group stage, making Pakistan the tournament’s defending champions.

World Test Championship

India and Pakistan do not currently play Test matches against each other and have yet to meet in the World Test Championship.

Tournament Matches Played India Won Pakistan Won Draw/Tie/No Result
World Cup 8 8 0 0
T20 World Cup 8 6 1 1
Champions Trophy 5 2 3 0
World Test Championship 0 0 0 0
Total 21 16 4 1

ACC (Asia Cup) Matches

India and Pakistan have played against each other 19 times in the Asia Cup, including matches in the Twenty20 format. Out of these, India has won 10 times, Pakistan has won 7 times, and 2 matches ended with no result because of rain.

The ACC Asian Test Championship was a cricket tournament where the Test-playing nations of Asia—India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh—competed. It wasn’t a regular event and only took place twice: in 1998-99, which Pakistan won, and in 2001-02, which Sri Lanka won. The original plan was to hold the tournament every two years, alternating with the Asia Cup.

Tournament Matches Played India Won Pakistan Won Draw/Tie/No Result
Asia Cup ODI 15 8 5 2
Asia Cup T20 3 2 1 0
Asian Test Championship 1 0 1 0
Total 19 10 7 2

IND vs PAK Head-to-Head Match Scorecard (Test)

Decade Matches India Wins Pakistan Wins Drawn
1950s 10 2 1 7
1960s 5 0 0 5
1970s 9 2 2 5
1980s 20 0 4 16
1990s 2 1 1 0
2000s 12 4 3 5
Total 58 9 11 38

IND vs PAK Head to Head (ODI)

Decade Matches India Pakistan No Result
1970s 3 1 2 0
1980s 32 9 19 4
1990s 46 17 26 3
2000s 41 18 22 1
2010s 15 10 4 0
2020s 3 2 0 1
Total 139 57 73 9

IND vs PAK Head to Head (T20I)

Decade Matches India Pakistan Tie/No result
2000s 2 1 0 1
2010s 6 5 1 0
2020s 5 3 2 0
Total 13 9 3 1

IND vs PAK Records (Test)

Most Runs in an Innings by Team

Runs Team Venue Season
699/5 Pakistan Lahore 1989–90
679/7d Pakistan Lahore 2005–06
675/5d India Multan 2003–04
674/6 Pakistan Faisalabad 1984–85
652 Pakistan Lahore 1982–83

Fewest Runs in a Completed Innings

Runs Team Venue Season
106 India Lucknow 1952–53
116 Pakistan Bangalore 1986–87
126 India New Delhi 1979–80
145 India Bangalore 1986–87
145 Pakistan Karachi 1954–55

Greatest Win Margins (by Innings)

Margin Winning Team Venue Season
Innings and 370 runs India New Delhi 1952–53
Innings and 131 runs India Rawalpindi 2003–04
Innings and 119 runs Pakistan Hyderabad 1982–83
Innings and 86 runs Pakistan Karachi 1982–83
Innings and 52 runs India Multan 2003–04

Greatest Win Margins (by Runs)

Margin Winning Team Venue Season
341 runs Pakistan Karachi 2005–06
212 runs India New Delhi 1998–99
195 runs India Kolkata 2004–05
168 runs Pakistan Bangalore 2004–05
131 runs India Mumbai 1979–80

Smallest Victories

Margin Winning Team Venue Season
12 runs Pakistan Chennai 1998–99
16 runs Pakistan Bangalore 1986–87
46 runs India Kolkata 1998–99

Individual Records – Most Runs

Runs Player Span
2228 Javed Miandad (PAK) 1978–1989
2089 Sunil Gavaskar (IND) 1978–1987
1740 Zaheer Abbas (PAK) 1978–1984
1431 Mudassar Nazar (PAK) 1978–1984
1321 Younis Khan (PAK) 2005–2007

Highest Individual Score

Runs Player Venue Date
309 Virender Sehwag (IND) Multan 28 March 2004
280 Javed Miandad (IND) Hyderabad 14 January 1983
270 Rahul Dravid (IND) Rawalpindi 13 April 2004
267 Younis Khan (PAK) Bangalore 24 March 2005
254 Virender Sehwag (IND) Lahore 13 January 2006

Most Wickets by Individual

Wickets Player Matches Bowling Average
99 Kapil Dev(IND) 29 30.12
94 Imran Khan (PAK) 23 24.04
81 Anil Kumble (IND) 15 31.97
45 Wasim Akram (PAK) 12 28.86
44 Fazal Mahmood (PAK) 14 24.54

Best Bowling Figures in an Innings

Bowling Player Venue Date
10/74 Anil Kumble (IND) New Delhi 4 February 1999
8/52 Vinoo Mankad (IND) New Delhi 16 October 1952
8/60 Imran Khan (PAK) Karachi 23 December 1982
8/69 Sikander Bakht (PAK) New Delhi 4 December 1979
8/85 Kapil Dev (IND) Lahore 23 January 1983

IND vs PAK Records (ODIs)

Highest Innings Total

Score Team Venue Season
356/2 (50 overs) India Colombo 2023
356/9 (50 overs) India Visakhapatnam 2004–05
349/7 (50 overs) Pakistan Karachi 2003–04
344/8 (50 overs) Pakistan Karachi 2003–04
338/4 (50 overs) India The Oval, London 2017

Lowest Innings Total

Score Team Venue Season
79 (34.2 overs) India Sialkot 1978–79
87 (32.5 overs) Pakistan Sharjah, UAE 1984–85
112 (30.2 overs) India Lahore 1989–90
116 (45 overs) Pakistan Toronto, Canada 1997
125 (45 overs) India Sharjah, UAE 1998–99

Largest Victory

Margin Winning Team Venue Season
228 runs India Colombo 2023
180 runs Pakistan The Oval, London 2017
159 runs Pakistan New Delhi 2004–05
143 runs Pakistan Jaipur 1998–99
140 runs India Dhaka, Bangladesh 2008

Smallest Victory

Margin Winning Team Venue Season
4 runs India Quetta 1978–79
4 runs Pakistan Sharjah, UAE 1991–92
5 runs India Karachi 2003–04
7 runs Pakistan Gujranwala 1989–90
7 runs Pakistan Peshawar 2005–06

Individual Most Career Runs

Runs Player Years
2,526 (67 innings) Sachin Tendulkar (IND) 1989–2012
2,403 (64 innings) Inzamam-ul-Haq (PAK) 1992–2006
2,002 (48 innings) Saeed Anwar (PAK) 1989–2003
1,899 (55 innings) Rahul Dravid (IND) 1996–2009
1,661 (59 innings) Shoaib Malik  (PAK) 2000–present

Highest Individual Score

Runs Player Venue Date
194 Saeed Anwar (PAK) Chennai 21 May 1997
183 Virat Kohli (IND) Dhaka, Bangladesh 18 March 2012
148 MS Dhoni (IND) Visakhapatnam 5 April 2005
143 Shoaib Malik (PAK) Colombo, Sri Lanka 25 July 2004
141 Sachin Tendulkar (IND) Rawalpindi 16 March 2004

Most Wickets in a Career

Wickets Player Matches Bowling average
60 Wasim Akram (PAK) 48 25.15
57 Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK) 35 24.38
54 Anil Kumble (IND) 34 24.25
54 Aaqib Javed (PAK) 39 24.64
54 Javagal Srinath (IND) 36 30.68

Best Bowling Figures

Bowling Player Venue Date
7/37 Aaqib Javed (PAK) Sharjah, UAE 25 October 1991
6/14 Imran Khan (PAK) Sharjah, UAE 22 March 1985
6/27 Naved-ul-Hasan (PAK) Jamshedpur 9 April 2005
5/16 Sourav Ganguly (IND) Toronto, Canada 18 September 1997
5/19 Aaqib Javed (PAK) Sharjah, UAE 7 April 1995

IND vs PAK Records (T20)

Highest Innings Total

Score Team Venue Season
192/5 (20 overs) India Ahmedabad 2012
182/5 (19.5 overs) Pakistan Dubai 2022
181/7 (20 overs) India Dubai 2022
160/6 (20 overs) India Melbourne 2022

Lowest Innings Total

Score Team Venue Season
83 (17.3 overs) Pakistan Mirpur 2016
113/7 (20 overs) Pakistan New York 2024
119 (20 overs) India New York 2024
128 (19.4 overs) Pakistan Colombo 2012
130/7 (20 overs) Pakistan Mirpur 2014

Most Career Runs

Runs Player Years
492 (11 innings) Virat Kohli (IND) 2012–2024
228 (5 innings) Mohammad Rizwan (PAK) 2021–2024
164 (8 innings) Shoaib Malik (PAK) 2007–2021
156 (7 innings) Mohammad Hafeez (PAK) 2007–2021
155 (8 innings) Yuvraj Singh (IND) 2007–2016

Highest Individual Score

Runs Player Venue Date
82* Virat Kohli (IND) Melbourne 23 Oct 2022
79* Mohammad Rizwan (PAK) Dubai 24 Oct 2021
78* Virat Kohli (IND) Colombo 30 Sept 2012
75 Gautam Gambhir (IND) Johannesburg 24 Sept 2007
72 Yuvraj Singh (IND) Ahmedabad 28 Dec 2012

Most Wickets in a Career

Wickets Player Innings Economy
13 Hardik Pandya (IND) 6 7.25
11 Umar Gul (PAK) 6 8.27
11 Bhuvneshwar Kumar (IND) 7 7.26
7 Naseem Shah (PAK) 4 7.25
7 Arshdeep Singh (IND) 4 7.85
7 Haris Rauf (PAK) 5 8.15

Public and Government Reaction to the Rivalry:

Cricket is very important in both India and Pakistan, and matches between them can stir up strong emotions.

  • In a 1989-90 series, an ODI in Karachi was stopped because of crowd trouble when Pakistan lost early wickets. Indian players faced stone-throwing, and the match was abandoned.
  • Instances of violence include Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin being hit by a spectator with a hook and Krishnamachari Srikkanth’s shirt being torn by a Pakistani fan.
  • Political party Shiv Sena disrupts matches to protest, including digging up pitches, especially during times of heightened political tensions like after the Kargil conflict.

Legal Actions and Tensions

  • In 2014, 60 students in Uttar Pradesh were charged with sedition for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India; the charges were later dropped.
  • A Pakistani fan of Indian captain Virat Kohli was arrested in 2016 for hoisting India’s flag in Pakistan and sentenced to 10 years.
  • After the 2021 T20 World Cup match, Indian Muslims celebrating Pakistan’s win were arrested, leading to controversy.

International Tensions:

  • In Leicester, UK, clashes occurred between Indian Hindu and Pakistani Muslim communities after a 2022 Asia Cup match.

Leaders like India’s Manmohan Singh and Pakistan’s Yousuf Raza Gilani used cricket matches to improve relations, like during the 2011 World Cup semi-final, seen as a chance for diplomatic gestures. Instances include General Zia ul-Haq’s visit to India in 1987 during a cricket match to ease tensions and Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf’s visit to India in 2005 for a cricket match, which turned into a diplomatic summit.

This Pakistan national cricket team vs India national cricket team timeline gives a peek into the deep history of the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry. As the story goes on, one thing is clear – the excitement, emotions, and great cricketing moments will keep captivating fans for years to come.

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