IPL 2024 Updates: Double Trouble! Pant Faces Ban Risk After Slow Over Rate Penalty

Pant Faces Ban Risk

Delhi Capitals’ captain Rishabh Pant made a powerful comeback with his bat, creating a stir by hitting boundaries in an important match against Kolkata Knight Riders. He played a remarkable innings, scoring 55 runs off 25 balls, including 4 fours and 5 sixes, all in one over against KKR. However, despite his efforts, his team couldn’t chase down the hefty target of 273 runs, suffering a humiliating defeat by 106 runs. After the match, captain Rishabh Pant faced another setback.

In the 2024 Indian Premier League, Pant was fined ₹24 lakhs for his second offense of slow over rate. Pant was found guilty of bowling his overs at a slow pace during Wednesday’s match against Kolkata Knight Riders. His teammates have also been fined 25% of their match fees. Additionally, Pant is now at risk of being banned. According to the rules, if Pant’s team fails to complete their overs on time in any match under his captaincy, he will face a fine of ₹30 lakhs and a ban for one match. Heavy fines will also be imposed on the team’s players.

The captain of the Delhi Capitals, could be facing a ban in IPL 2024. This is because his team has already been penalized twice for slow over rate. According to the IPL rules, if a team is penalized for slow over rate three times under a captain’s leadership, the captain faces a one-match ban and a fine of 30 lakh rupees.

After the injury, Rishabh Pant has delighted everyone with his batting, but the results have not been very positive for the team. Their team has lost in 3 out of 4 matches, and they have been fined heavily twice for slow over rates. Now, the sword of match ban is hanging over him.

The Delhi Capitals will need to be careful to avoid any further penalties for slow over rate if they want to avoid a ban for their captain. They can do this by ensuring that their bowlers bowl their overs more quickly and by taking fewer breaks between overs. Let’s hope that Rishabh Pant and the Delhi Capitals can avoid a ban and focus on winning the IPL 2024 trophy!

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