Understanding the Different Types of IPL Cricket Bets

Understanding the Different Types of IPL Cricket Bets

Cricket is a game loved by many, and betting on it is quite common. If you’re someone who loves IPL, you probably already know there are many ways to bet on the game. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most popular types of online IPL betting. We’ll explain how each type works and share some useful tips to help you win big! So if you’re interested in making some extra cash from this IPL season, keep reading.

Toss Winner

Toss Winner

The toss winner is a common type of IPL bet where you predict which team will win the coin toss at the beginning of the match. It’s like guessing heads or tails before flipping a coin. Since it’s a simple choice between two options, the chances are usually equal for both teams. For example, if you bet ₹1000 on a team to win the toss on the odds of 1.92, you’ll get ₹1920  back as winnings. It’s a straightforward bet that adds excitement to the start of the game. In these types of  bets, the odds are equal as shown in the below image 

Match Winner

Match Winner

A very common kind of IPL bet is the match-winner bet. With this bet, you pick the team you think will win a specific game. It’s quite popular because you can often find favorable odds. If you look into it carefully, you might even make some money. For example, if you’re watching an IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK), and you believe Royal Challengers Bangalore will win, you can place a match-winner bet on RCB. If RCB wins the match, you win your bet.

Top Batter

Another fun bet in the IPL is predicting the top batter. It’s like choosing the player you think will score the most runs in a game. If you’re familiar with cricket, this bet can earn you some cash. For example, you might bet on Virat Kohli to be the top batter in a Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) match. If Kohli scores more runs than any other player in that game, you win your bet.

Top Bowler

A really popular type of bet in the IPL is called the Top Bowler bet. This means you’re guessing which bowler will get the most wickets in a match. It’s getting more and more popular because it’s exciting and can earn you some cash if you’re right. You have to know the game well and who the best bowlers are to make a good guess. For example, in a match between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings, you might bet that Jasprit Bumrah will take the most wickets because he’s known for his excellent bowling skills. If he performs well and takes more wickets than any other bowler, you win your bet!

Player of the Match

A really famous bet in IPL is guessing who will be named the Player of the Match. You just choose who you think will be the best player in the game. It’s kind of trickier to guess than who will win the coin toss, so you might get more money if you’re right. For example, you pick a player who scored the most runs or a bowler who takes the most wickets, and the odds on this player is 4.56 and your bet amount is ₹1000, and if they perform really well, you may win ₹4,560 your bet.

Dismissal Method

The Dismissal Method is like predicting how a player in an IPL cricket match will be out. Will they be bowled, stumped, run out, caught, or out by LBW? There are even more ways a player can be out, though these aren’t as common. For example, hitting the ball twice, obstructing the field, or handling the ball are also methods of dismissal. So, when you’re watching a cricket match, you can try to guess how each player will be dismissed!

Future/Outright Bets

One of the more risky, but possibly more rewarding, IPL bets is the futures market. Here, you choose a team or player you believe will perform well in the upcoming IPL. The chances of winning are high, but if you’re right, the rewards can be huge. For example, you might bet on a team to win the IPL trophy, or on a player to score the most runs(Orange Cap) and take the most wickets (Purple Cap). If your prediction comes true, you could make a lot of money! Here are some types of Future bets;

  • Scoring Fifty: Pick the player you think will score fifty. Check how well they’ve done before to make the best choice. For example, if you know a player has been hitting the ball well in recent games, they might be a good pick.
  • Scoring Century: Figure out which player will score 100 runs. Look at how they’ve been playing lately and how they’ve done against the other team in the past. For example, if a player has a history of scoring big against a particular team, they might be a good bet.
  • Odd or Even Runs: Guess whether the total runs a team makes will be an odd or even number. For example, if you think the team will score a lot of runs, you might bet on ‘even’.
  • Over-Under Score: Predict if a team will score more or less than a certain number of runs. If you think they’ll score a lot, bet ‘Over’. If you think they won’t score as much, bet ‘Under’. For example, if the given score is 200 runs, and you believe the team will score less than that, you’d bet ‘Under’.
  • Most Sixes: Guess which player will hit the most sixes in a game or innings. This bet can be profitable if you’ve done your homework and know which players are in good form. For example, if a player has been hitting a lot of sixes recently, they might be a good choice for this cricket betting option. And sometimes, a sportsbook might not set the odds accurately, giving you a chance to get good value.

Most Run Outs

One kind of IPL bet is called the “Most Run Outs Bet.”To make this bet, you pick which team you think will have the most run-outs in the match. Then, you decide how much money you want to bet. The more money you bet, the more you could win if you’re right.

For example, if you’re watching a cricket match between CSK vs RCB, and you think RCB will have the most run-outs, you can place a Most Run-outs Bet on RCB. If you end up having the most run-outs, you’ll win money based on how much you bet.

Now you’ve learned about lots of different ways you can bet on IPL. There are even more types of bets out there, but these should give you plenty to think about for now. It’s important to do some homework on the teams playing, the pitch conditions, the weather, and who the captains are before you place your bets. This will help increase your chances of winning! For example, you might want to check how well a team has been performing lately or if a particular player has a good track record in certain weather conditions.

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