Is the “Impact Player” Rule Out in IPL 2025? BCCI Hints at Rethink

Is the Impact Player Rule Out in IPL 2025

The “Impact Player” rule, a major change for IPL 2024, might be on its way out next season! The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has hinted at reconsidering the rule after receiving criticism from players and experts.

What is the “Impact Player” Rule?

This rule allows teams to replace a player from their starting XI with a substitute after a certain point in the match. This substitute is called the “Impact Player.”

Why Might the Rule Be Scrapped?

The rule has faced criticism for hurting bowlers. With teams focusing on more batters, bowling attacks might become weaker. Big names like Indian Captain Rohit Sharma and bowlers themselves have voiced their concerns.

BCCI Weighs Its Options

Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary, stated that the “Impact Player” was introduced as a trial to give more opportunities to young Indian players. He emphasized that the rule isn’t permanent.

Decision After the World Cup

The BCCI will hold discussions with players, including the Indian Captain, franchises, coaches, and experts to decide the fate of the rule. This meeting will likely take place after the T20 World Cup.

Good News for Bowlers?

If the rule is removed, it could be a positive development for bowlers, who felt sidelined by the focus on additional batters. The future of the “Impact Player” rule remains uncertain. Cricket fans will have to wait until after the World Cup to see if it survives for IPL 2025. Till then keep reading our blogs and articles and find out which is the best online cricket betting site.

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