Rinku Singh Joins Indian Cricket Greats with Most Sixes in T20I Final Overs


In T20 cricket, the final two overs are crucial, and hitting sixes can turn the game around. For India, some players have made a name for themselves by hitting the most sixes during these exciting moments. Let’s look at the top Indian players who have hit the most sixes in the last two overs of T20 Internationals (T20Is).

Top Indian Players for Sixes in the Last 2 Overs of T20Is

1. Hardik Pandya – 32 Sixes (193 Balls)

Hardik Pandya is known for his powerful hitting. He tops the list with 32 sixes in the last two overs. Whether it’s chasing a target or setting a big score, Hardik’s ability to clear the boundary consistently makes him a valuable player for India.

2. Virat Kohli – 24 Sixes (158 Balls)

Virat Kohli, often regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world, comes next with 24 sixes. Known for his technique and timing, Kohli proves that you don’t always need brute force to hit sixes.

3. MS Dhoni – 19 Sixes (258 Balls)

MS Dhoni, the former Indian captain, is famous for his cool demeanor and explosive finishing. He has hit 19 sixes in the last two overs. Dhoni’s experience and ability to handle pressure have made him one of the best finishers in cricket history.

4. Rinku Singh – 17 Sixes (48 Balls)*

The newest addition to this elite list is Rinku Singh. In just 48 balls faced in the final overs, Rinku has already hit 17 sixes. This remarkable achievement places him among some of the greatest finishers in Indian cricket. Given his limited chances so far, Rinku’s performance is even more impressive, showing his potential to become a significant player for India.

Why This is Impressive for Rinku Singh?

Rinku Singh’s quick rise to this list is noteworthy. While experienced players like Pandya, Kohli, and Dhoni have played many matches, Rinku has made his mark in a much shorter time. His ability to hit sixes under pressure in the final overs has brought him into the spotlight. Fans and experts alike are excited to see how he continues to grow and contribute to the Indian team in the future.

Rinku Singh’s entry into this list alongside legends like Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni shows his potential as a finisher for India. With his explosive batting and ability to handle pressure, Rinku is quickly becoming a fan favorite. As he continues to play more matches, it will be exciting to see how high he can climb on this list and how many more games he can win for India with his big-hitting abilities.

India’s prowess in the final overs is clear with such talented players leading the charge. Fans can look forward to many more thrilling finishes in T20 matches with players like Rinku Singh rising to the occasion.

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