Rohit Sharma Pays Emotional Tribute to Coach Rahul Dravid

Rohit Sharma Pays Emotional Tribute to Coach Rahul Dravid.png

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Rohit Sharma bid farewell to coach Rahul Dravid with words that spoke volumes about their bond. Reflecting on their time together, Rohit expressed deep admiration for Dravid, whom he has admired since childhood and was fortunate to work closely with. Despite Dravid’s stellar cricketing career, Rohit emphasized how the coach set aside his personal achievements to focus solely on mentoring the team, creating an environment where players felt comfortable and open.

Rohit credited Dravid’s humility and enduring passion for the game as his greatest strengths. He highlighted the invaluable lessons learned under Dravid’s guidance, cherishing every moment spent together. Playfully, Rohit mentioned how his wife affectionately dubbed Dravid as his “work wife,” underscoring the close bond they shared both on and off the field.


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Reflecting on their achievements, Rohit celebrated India’s triumph in the T20 World Cup 2024, a significant milestone made possible under Dravid’s coaching tenure. He expressed joy in achieving this milestone alongside Dravid, acknowledging it as a crowning achievement in their journey together.

In conclusion, Rohit Sharma conveyed profound gratitude to Rahul Dravid, not just as a coach but as a confidant and friend. He expressed how privileged he felt to have Dravid by his side, guiding and supporting him throughout their time together.

Rohit’s heartfelt tribute encapsulated the deep respect and admiration shared between player and coach, marking the end of a significant chapter in Indian cricket under Rahul Dravid’s impactful coaching era.

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