Virat Kohli, The Chase Master in T20 World Cups

Virat Kohli, The Chase Master in T20 World Cups

Virat Kohli is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in modern cricket. His remarkable ability to perform under pressure, especially while chasing in T20 World Cups, has earned him the title of “Chase Master.” Let’s take a closer look at some of his memorable performances in T20 World Cups while chasing targets.

T20 World Cup 2012

  • 78 (61) vs Pakistan*

In the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan, Kohli’s unbeaten 78 off 61 balls led India to a comfortable victory. His calm and composed innings were a testament to his skill and temperament.

T20 World Cup 2014

  • 36* (32) vs Pakistan

Once again, Kohli played a crucial role in India’s win over Pakistan, scoring an unbeaten 36 off 32 balls. His steady innings ensured India chased down the target without any hiccups.

  • 54 (41) vs West Indies

Kohli’s 54 off 41 balls, although in a losing cause, showcased his fighting spirit. Despite the defeat, his innings was filled with elegant strokes and sheer determination.

  • 57* (50) vs Bangladesh

In a nail-biting finish, Kohli’s unbeaten 57 off 50 balls helped India secure a win against Bangladesh. His innings was a perfect blend of aggression and caution.

  • 72* (44) vs South Africa (Semifinal)

In the semifinal against South Africa, Kohli’s unbeaten 72 off 44 balls steered India to the final. His match-winning knock was a masterclass in chasing under pressure.

T20 World Cup 2016

  • 23 (27) vs New Zealand

In a rare failure, Kohli managed only 23 off 27 balls against New Zealand. The Kiwi bowlers kept him in check, leading to an unexpected defeat for India.

  • 55 *(37) vs Pakistan

Kohli’s unbeaten 55 off 37 balls once again proved pivotal in India’s win over Pakistan. His innings was marked by crisp boundaries and smart running between the wickets.

  • 82* (51) vs Australia

One of Kohli’s finest T20 innings, his unbeaten 82 off 51 balls against Australia, guided India to a thrilling victory. His explosive batting in the death overs was a spectacle to behold.

T20 World Cup 2022

  • 82*(53) vs Pakistan

Kohli’s unbeaten 82 off 53 balls in the high-octane clash against Pakistan was a reminder of his unmatched chasing prowess. His knock was filled with classic shots and incredible composure.

Virat Kohli’s performances while chasing in T20 World Cups have been nothing short of spectacular. His ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when needed has made him a standout player in these high-pressure situations. For those who follow cricket closely, particularly fans of cricket betting, keeping an eye on Kohli’s form and his record in chases can provide valuable insights for cricket satta sites. His consistency and flair make him a crucial player to watch in any tournament.

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