Virat Kohli’s Record-Breaking IPL 2024 Season: A Comprehensive Review of Records

Virat Kohli's Record-Breaking

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season has been a historic one for cricket fans, particularly for those who follow the career of Virat Kohli. The legendary Indian cricketer has achieved several remarkable feats this year, adding to his already impressive list of records. This article delves into the various records Virat Kohli set or broke during the IPL 2024 season and throughout his illustrious IPL career.

Virat Kohli’s Records in IPL 2024

  • First Indian to Win the Orange Cap Twice: In 2024, Virat Kohli became the first Indian to win the Orange Cap for the second time. The Orange Cap is awarded to the top run-scorer of the season. Kohli’s exceptional batting skills and consistency helped him achieve this remarkable milestone.
  • Most Runs in IPL Wins: Kohli has scored the most runs in IPL wins, amassing a total of 4,205 runs. This record highlights his crucial contributions to his team’s victories over the years.
  • Most Runs in IPL Chases: With 3,604 runs in IPL chases, Kohli has proven his ability to perform under pressure, guiding his team to victory in challenging situations.
  • Most Centuries by an Indian in T20s: Kohli holds the record for the most centuries by an Indian in T20 cricket, with nine centuries to his name. This feat underscores his dominance in the shortest format of the game.
  • Most Catches as a Fielder in IPL: As of IPL 2024, Kohli has taken 114 catches, the most by any fielder in the tournament’s history. His sharp reflexes and excellent fielding skills make him a valuable asset to his team.
  • Most Sixes for a Team in IPL: Kohli has hit 272 sixes for his team in the IPL, showcasing his ability to clear the boundary and score quickly.
  • Most Sixes at a Venue in IPL: At a single venue, Kohli has hit 128 sixes, highlighting his familiarity and comfort with specific grounds.
  • Most Runs in an IPL Season After Turning 35: In 2024, Kohli scored 741 runs, the most by any player aged 35 or older in a single IPL season. This record demonstrates his enduring skill and fitness.
  • Most Runs While Chasing 200+ in IPL: Kohli has scored 520 runs in matches where his team chased targets of 200 or more, showing his prowess in high-scoring games
  • Most Catches by an Indian Fielder in T20s: In T20 cricket, Kohli has taken 180 catches, the most by any Indian fielder, proving his consistency and reliability in the field.
  • Most Times Hitting a Boundary on the First Ball of an IPL Innings: Kohli has hit a boundary on the first ball of an innings 11 times, setting the tone for his team’s innings right from the start.
  • Most Runs at a Venue in T20 Cricket: Kohli has scored 3,456 runs at a single venue in T20 cricket, demonstrating his ability to adapt and succeed in different playing conditions.
  • Most IPL Seasons with 400+ Runs: With ten IPL seasons where he has scored 400 or more runs, Kohli has shown remarkable consistency over the years.
  • Joint Most IPL Seasons with 500+ Runs: Kohli shares the record for the most IPL seasons with 500 or more runs, having achieved this feat seven times.
  • Joint Most IPL Seasons with 600+ Runs: Kohli has scored 600 or more runs in an IPL season four times, tying with other top performers.
  • First Indian to Score 700+ Runs in Two IPL Seasons: Kohli is the first Indian player to score 700 or more runs in two separate IPL seasons, underlining his exceptional batting prowess.
  • First Player to Score 8000 Runs in IPL: Kohli became the first player in IPL history to reach the milestone of 8,000 runs, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest batsmen in the tournament.
  • First Asian to Score 100 50+ Scores in T20s: Kohli is the first Asian cricketer to achieve 100 scores of 50 or more in T20 cricket, showcasing his consistency and skill.
  • First Player in IPL to Play 250 Matches for a Single Franchise: Kohli has played 250 matches for a single IPL franchise, a testament to his loyalty and long-term success with the team.
  • First Indian to Complete 12,000 T20 Runs: With over 12,000 runs in T20 cricket, Kohli became the first Indian to reach this milestone, highlighting his impact on the format.
  • First Player to Score 1000 Runs Against Three Different Opponents in IPL: Kohli has scored 1,000 or more runs against three different teams in the IPL, proving his ability to perform against various opponents.
  • First Player to Hit 250 Sixes for a Single Team in IPL: Kohli is the first player to hit 250 sixes for a single IPL team, showcasing his power-hitting capabilities.
  • First Player to Score 9000 Runs in T20s in a Country: In a single country, Kohli has scored 9,000 T20 runs, reflecting his dominance in familiar conditions.
  • First Player to Score Eight Centuries in IPL: Kohli became the first player to score eight centuries in the IPL, further cementing his legacy in the tournament.
  • First Indian to Smash 100+ Boundaries in Two IPL Seasons: Kohli is the first Indian to hit over 100 boundaries in two separate IPL seasons, demonstrating his aggressive batting style.
  • First Player to Score 3000 Runs at a Venue in IPL: Kohli has scored 3,000 runs at a single IPL venue, showcasing his consistent performance in specific conditions.
  • Second Indian to Complete 400 Sixes in T20s: Kohli is the second Indian to hit 400 sixes in T20 cricket, highlighting his power and skill.
  • Only Indian to Hit 35 or More Sixes in Two IPL Seasons: Kohli is the only Indian player to hit 35 or more sixes in two different IPL seasons, underscoring his explosive batting abilities.

Highlights of IPL 2024

  1. Most Runs in IPL 2024

Kohli scored the most runs in IPL 2024 with a total of 741, leading the charts and earning the Orange Cap.

  1. Most 50+ Scores in IPL 2024

Kohli had the most 50+ scores in IPL 2024, with six half-centuries to his name, showcasing his consistency.

  1. Most Boundaries in IPL 2024

Kohli hit the most boundaries in IPL 2024, with 100 boundaries, highlighting his aggressive batting approach.

  1. Second Most Sixes in IPL 2024

Kohli hit 38 sixes in IPL 2024, the second most by any player in the season.

  1. Second Most Fours in IPL 2024

With 62 fours, Kohli had the second most fours in IPL 2024, demonstrating his ability to find gaps in the field.

  1. Second Highest Score in IPL 2024

Kohli’s highest score in IPL 2024 was an unbeaten 113*, the second highest individual score of the season.

  1. Most Runs in First Overs of IPL 2024

Kohli scored 82 runs in the first overs of IPL 2024 matches, setting a strong foundation for his team’s innings.

  1. Most Runs Against Pace in IPL 2024

Kohli scored 449 runs against pace bowlers in IPL 2024, showing his proficiency against fast bowling.

  1. Most Runs Against Spin in IPL 2024

Against spin bowlers, Kohli scored 292 runs in IPL 2024, proving his ability to tackle all types of bowling.

  1. Most Runs in Away Matches of IPL 2024

Kohli scored 401 runs in away matches during IPL 2024, showcasing his adaptability to different playing conditions.

Virat Kohli’s performance in IPL 2024 has been nothing short of extraordinary. He has set new records and broken old ones, further establishing himself as one of the greatest cricketers in IPL history. As fans look forward to the mega auction in 2025, Kohli’s achievements will be remembered as some of the most significant milestones in the tournament’s history. His dedication, skill, and consistency continue to inspire cricket enthusiasts around the world.

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